Water & Wastewater

Pollutech's diverse team of professionals work closely with all sectors to provide water and wastewater assessments and evaluations to ensure compliance with municipal, provincial and federal requirements. Pollutech has succesfully prepared Sewage Works Certificate of Approval (C of A) Applications and secured approvals from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) for the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. Pollutech routinely carries out water and wastewater process designs, bench-scale and pilot treatability tests, water and sediment quality evaluations, sanitary and storm sewer investigations, mussel infestation evaluations and Municipal Industrial Strategy for Abatement (MISA) compliance programs.
Legislative changes and a change in the attitude of the general public towards the environment has made biological testing of chemicals and effluent discharges an issue of increasing concern during recent years. Though the trend has historically been to conduct in depth chemical analysis to determine environmental conditions, biological testing has become an increasingly major component of environmental monitoring. While chemical analysis provides an indication of the contaminant levels, biological testing provides a measure of the potential effects these contaminants have on aquatic biota.    
Pollutech has operated a biological research laboratory continuously since the early 1970's. This biological research laboratory has been performing routine compliance bioassays as well as developing new and innovative bioassay and biomonitoring techniques for over 20 years. This biological research expertise, together with other corporate capabilities provides a unique addition to any environmental project team. For example, Pollutech Environmental's process engineering group routinely uses toxicity tests to determine the toxic component(s) of wastewater streams and to test methods for treatment of the component(s).
Water and Wastewater Services Include:
  • Certificate of Approval (Water & Wastewater) 
  • Water/Wastewater Process Design
  • Bench-Scale and Pilot Treatability Testing
  • Sanitary and Storm Sewer Investigations
  • Effluent Assessment & Monitoring
  • Water Quality & Discharge Plume Assessment
  • Permits & Approvals
  • Spill Prevention, Mitigation and Plume Tracking
  • Thermal Mixing Zone Analysis
  • Ambient Water, Sediment and Biological Quality Assessments
  • Sediment Quality Assessments
  • Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) 
  • St. Clair River-Protecting a Vital Resource
  • Mussel Monitoring & Control Evaluations
  • Municipal/Industrial Strategy for Abatement (MISA) Compliance Monitoring

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