Toxicity Testing Services

Pollutech's toxicity testing services provides critical biological knowledge to keep your environmental liabilities in check through biological evaluation of water, sediment, soil and chemicals.

Pollutech's expertise will help you make sound decisions that expand opportunities and limit risk, offering the essential experience necessary to effectively manage all of your aquatic and terrestrial toxicity testing needs. Look to Pollutech to optimize your compliance program and to evaluate the environmental risks of a developing project.
Since 1972, Pollutech has established a solid record of leadership in helping clients in the following areas:
  • Regulatory compliance – ensuring that facilities meet regulatory requirements; 
  • Site and plant operations due diligence – demonstrating effective control of operations to minimize environmental impact;
  • Risk assessments and investigative projects – quantifying and evaluating environmental challenges, tailored to your contaminants of concern, in your local soil, water or sediment environment.

One call gives you full-scope toxicity testing services

One call to Pollutech accesses the full capabilities of our biological testing laboratory. We maintain a wide variety of indicator species and are ready to proceed with all of your environmental testing at a moment's notice – from bench-scale testing to in situ evaluations.
  • List of Routine Toxicity Tests Performed
  • Acute and Chronic Toxicity Testing Services
  • Whole Sediment Toxicity Testing Services
  • Soil Toxicity Testing Services
  • In-situ Toxicity Testing
  • Chemical Toxicity Testing Services
  • Toxicity Identification Evaluations/Toxicity Reduction Evaluations (TIE/TRE)
  • Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (CALA)
  • Environment Toxicity Testing Protocols

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