Designated Substance Surveys


Under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, Ontario Regulation 490/09 (O.Reg. 490/09) outlines employer responsibilities and specific control regulations for 11 designated substances in the workplace. 

Currently the 11 designated substances include:


                Acrylonitrile                                Ethylene Oxide

                Arsenic                                      Isocyanates                             

                Asbestos                                   Lead

                Benzene                                    Mercury

                Coke oven emissions                  Vinyl Chloride


Pollutech staff have a thorough knowledge of Ontario Regulation 490/09 (O. Reg. 490/09) and impending legislation, and can provide industrial and commercial clients with testing services and  an in-depth assessment of existing operations on worker health, and determination of the extent to which production or process techniques can be modified to provide a healthier working environment.  For real estate clients, Pollutech can test for and develop a Designated Substances Management Plan for a property owner prior to construction, demolition or sale of a property.

The Pollutech team is well versed with the regulatory issues surrounding the management of designated substances as well as other hazardous materials. Pollutech is able to provide turnkey services including project management, surveys, inspection, air monitoring, and project tendering and co-ordination. Pollutech Designated Substance Surveys include a visual inspection of the property to determine any Designated Substances present within the building, equipment or materials.  During the inspection Pollutech staff will collect samples for further laboratory analysis.

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