MISA Compliance Monitoring

Industrial effluent discharges to receiving water bodies represent a significant contributor to water quality impairment. The Municipal Industrial Strategy for Abatement (MISA) program was implemented to monitor and control the effluent discharge to receiving water bodies from nine industrial sectors. The industrial sectors regulated under the MISA program include petroleum, pulp and paper, metal mining, industrial minerals, metal casting, organic chemical manufacturing, inorganic chemical, iron and steel, and electric power generation. The industrial sector regulations were issued between 1993 and 1995.   

Pollutech provides complete MISA effluent compliance monitoring services for all regulated sectors including:
  • Effluent sampling;
  • On-line monitoring data management;
  • Laboratory analysis;
  • Toxicity testing;
  • Review of monitoring data to assess regulatory compliance;
  • Data upload per reporting requirements to the Ministry of the Environment Wastewater System (MEWS) website; 
  • Investigation of mitigative measures to address issues that may compromise regulatory compliance;
  • Spill management and response.

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