Please read these Instructions before applying to Pollutech for posted or unsolicited employment opportunities. We only review applications that are sent to the appropriate mail box.

Pollutech is constantly searching for potential employees that have a demonstrated capability to work in a process engineering and laboratory atmosphere. Generally, our employees have post-graduate education or a bachelor's degree with at least 3 - 5 years of "hands-on" experience. Please specify whether you are a certified QEP, EPI, P.Eng. or hold certification with other accredited organizations, such as CEAA, CCHREI (see also CECAB for certification news). 
Please note that we do not open attachments to e-mails, resumes or applications included, that do not have a covering e-mail that provides a clear indication that the attachment is a resume and that if we have any problems (i.e. virus attachment) that we will be able to locate the sender of the e-mail. Please be sure to summarize the contents of the e-mail and provide a complete address. The summary should also indicate the nature of the job being applied for, so that the e-mail can be forwarded to the appropriate staff for review.
Due to the large number of responses that are being received from candidates, we are not able to personally respond to all submissions.  Please accept our thanks for contacting Pollutech and our assurances that we will contact you directly if there is a position for which your capabilities match our needs. You must address the application to info@www.pollutechgroup.com
If you are not responding to one of the posted positions that follow, you are encouraged to submit you resumes to us for future consideration.  All resumes are kept on file and used for ongoing employee selection.  If you do not want your resume shared with our partner organizations, or if you do not want us to make inquires to your past or present employers, please indicate this clearly on your submission.  Pollutech is normally looking for employees with experience in the following areas:

  • engineering, atmospheric sciences and geoenvironmental services;
  • analytical laboratory chemists and students;
  • biological monitoring, diving services and aquatic toxicity testing;
  • international projects, business and legal services;
  • administrative services (accounting, word processing, translations).
Current positions:
Project Manager/Acoustic Consultant - Oakville
Project Manager/Environmental Consultant - Oakville
Environmental Project Engineer & Project Manager - Sarnia