Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health

Pollutech has been involved in a wide range of industrial hygiene, occupational health and worker safety projects for numerous commercial, industrial and healthcare facilities in Toronto, the GTA, Hamilton, Sarnia and throughout Ontario.  Referencing regulations under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act Pollutech has completed in depth projects in the areas of : Designated Substance Surveys (O. Reg. 490/09); Indoor Air Quality Testing (O. Reg. 833/90); mold testing; asbestos testing and abatement; Indoor Noise Testing.  Utilizing an extensive knowledge of legislation Pollutech can provide clients with a detailed assessment of existing operations on worker health and determination of the extent to which production or processes can be modified.  This information can be utilized to improve working conditions and to assist management in short and long range planning of facility improvements based on the most practical and economically advantageous solutions.  Whether it be long-term planning, or short-term monitoring, Pollutech has the experience and expertise to develop a program customized to the clients needs.


For more detail on Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health Services offered by Pollutech:

  • Designated Substance Surveys
  • Indoor Air Quaility Testing
  • Indoor Noise Testing


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