Waste Management Services

Waste Audits and Waste Recovery Programs:
Due to the ever increasing costs of waste treatment it is essential to consider product recovery and re-use whenever possible. As part of a complete environmental program, Pollutech provides staff to conduct waste audits and prepare waste reduction workplans and conduct feasibility tests and economic assessments for most waste recovery and waste utilization systems.
Typical examples of Pollutech's experience with Waste Audits and Waste Recovery and Utilization include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Annual facility audits of recyclable and general waste streams and preparation of Waste Reduction Workplans and Source Separation Programs as outlinedin Reg 102/103; 
  • Methane gas production from starch waste by novel anaerobic digestion systems;
  • Phosphoric acid recovery for fertilizer use from a metal anodizing process;
  • Methane gas recovery from mixed sludge streams at a 60 MIGD sewage treatment plant;
  • Recovery and utilization of waste treatment plant sludge;
  • Evaluation of alternatives for product recovery from farm animal wastes by gas production, nutrient recovery and single cell protein production;
  • Review of methane gas recovery and storage facilities for low volume gas producers;
  • Recovery of food processing wastes for by-product food production, prior to waste treatment facilities;
  • Oil recovery and cleaner recycling from a high temperature caustic wash operation;
  • Counter-current metal plating unit processes to reduce waste discharges in retrofit facilities.  

Certificates of Approval:

As outlined in Reg 347 a Certificate of Approval for Waste Management Systems and/or Waste Disposal Sites is required by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment under the Environmental Protection Act before using, operating, establishing, altering, enlarging or extending a waste management system or a waste disposal site.
Operations or activities that require a Certificate of Approval (Waste) include, but are not limited to, the following: 
  • Landfill or Incinerator;
  • Processing waste for a third party;
  • Waste transfer & processing facilities;
  • Biosolids spreading sites;
  • Waste haulers;
  • Mobile PCB destruction;
  • Mobile site decontamination systems.

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